Ralph Stacey on complex responsive processes

This video is a very poor quality recording of Ralph Stacey giving his last exposition of complex responsive processes at the Complexity and Management Conference June 2018 before his retirement.

Apologies for both sound and picture quality.

8 thoughts on “Ralph Stacey on complex responsive processes

  1. Søren Kerndrup

    thanks very intersting, Stacey is on of my main hero’s, but could not get access to the video.
    best søren
    Den 31. okt. 2018 kl. 20.21 skrev Complexity & Management Centre <comment-reply@wordpress.com>:

  2. lkanet

    Thank you so much for providing me with this. I studied my MBA with Ralph back in the nineties and like all of my cohort found his insights and his revolutionary thinking about organizations to be fascinating and hugely helpful in understanding what was actually going on in our own organizations. It was an enormous pleasure to listen to him speak again and to remember how he taught us to think. While the immersive weekend experience with the Tavistock was literally a life changing moment it could only be understood through the following three years of listening and learning.

    I hope very much that even in retirement he can be persuaded to occasionally share his thoughts with us from time to time. If you have the opportunity would you please pass on my profound thanks to him for how he influenced my life. He may remember me as I have somewhat “stalked” him ever since.


    Andrew Finlayson

  3. Andrew Finlayson

    Ralph’s insights and research offer a compelling explanation of organizational behaviour. His ability to convey these theories in simple and understandable form are quite singular. Your efforts to make this presentation available to us are deeply appreciated.


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